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Chris K Tattoos - Studio Tattoo & Piercing - Nikaia Attica


"Chris K. Tattoos" in Nikaia Attica is the destination for those looking for not only unique tattoos but also exceptional piercing experiences. Here, skin art meets the expressive variety of piercings, offering a complete experience of improvisation and individual empire.

Since 2013, the studio is characterized by the specialization in an extensive range of piercings, covering all areas of the body. We undertake with skill and experience the placement of the most popular and specialized piercings, offering a customized approach to each client.

Among the services we offer are: Lobe & Upper Lobe, Helix & Forward Helix, Tragus, Rook, Conch, Snug, Daith, Industrial, Stretching, Surface, Cheek & Bridge, Septum, Lips Piercing, Smiley & Web, Nipple (Nipple), Navel, Microdermal.
With attention to detail, we use high quality materials to ensure the safety and comfort of our customers. Each piercing is a unique creation, adapted to the style and personality of each person.

At "Chris K. Tattoos", we offer more than just tattoos and piercings. We create a complete skin art experience, letting each customer express themselves with uniqueness and style.