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Chris K Tattoos
Studio Tattoo & Piercing - Nikaia Attica


"Chris K. Tattoos" is more than just a tattoo and piercing studio. It is a space that reflects Christos Karaspilios' art, creativity and passion for leather art since 2013.

At Chris K. Tattoos, Christos and his team create unique pieces of art that reflect each client's personality and style. With their experience and expertise, they create tattoos that are more than simple designs, but works of art that carry the vigor of individuality and excellent execution.

The studio is located in Nikaia Attica, creating a space where clients feel comfortable and trust the talent and professional skill of the team. Here, aesthetics meets quality, and the tattooing process becomes an experience that exceeds expectations.

In addition to tattoos, the studio also offers piercing services, adding another dimension to the world of improvisation and personal expression.

At Chris K. Tattoos, each client is unique and each piece of art reflects their unique story. If you are looking for a place that utilizes the art of tattooing and piercing to create a unique experience, then "Chris K. Tattoos" is your destination.