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Chris K Tattoos - Studio Tattoo & Piercing - Nikaia Attica


"Chris K. Tattoos" in Nikaia Attica is more than a tattoo studio - it's a place that stands out for its dedication to skin art. Here, the tattoo experience evolves into a journey of creation and self-expression that began in 2013.

The studio offers a wide variety of tattoo styles, covering almost all types of skin art. From detailed and refined patterns to bold and explosive, Christos Karaspilios and his team have the experience and expertise to bring any idea to life.

While they have a preference for black & gray tattoos, the studio is not limited by color fields. Instead, they create works of art that are a combination of expressive hues and detailed designs. Their approach to color tattoo art is just as outstanding as their adherence to black & gray.

With a welcoming atmosphere and skilled staff, "Chris K. Tattoos" offers a unique tattoo experience. Whether you're looking for a whimsical design or something more classic, here you'll find the perfect version of leather art that reflects your individuality and personality.